School FAQ's

How do I report an absence from school?  Parents are requested to call and notify the school when their child is absent.  Students are not required to present a note from a parent when returning from an absence.  However, in order for absences to be medically excused, documentation from a doctor is required.  In cases of bereavement, family emergency, and religious observance, absences may be excused with proper written documentation.  If your child will be out of school for an extended period of time, please make sure the team liaison is aware. This will ensure a smooth transition when the student returns to school. 

Can I request homework for an absent student? If a student is absent 2 or more days you must speak to the main office by 8:30 AM to have homework put together. Work can be picked up after 2:00 pm the same day.  Homework for calls received after 8:30 AM will be ready the following day.  Please note the call in attendance voice mail is for absences only, not homework requests. 

Are students allowed to have cell phones in school?  Students are not permitted to use their cell phones from 7:25 am - 1:50 pm.  Parents, please do not communicate with your child by means of a cell phone during the school day. If there is an emergency and you must contact your child, please call the main office at 508-261-7530 and we will relay the message. 

Are visitors allowed?  The QMS Visitor Policy requires that all visitors must sign in at the Main Office and obtain a QMS Visitor Badge.  The office will clear your visit with the classroom. 

Can I drop off an item to my student?  We really try to have as few classroom interruptions as possible.  If your child calls and needs you to bring something to school (i.e. lunch, homework), please tell your child that you will drop it in the office and they should come down and check at the main desk. 

How do I dismiss my student?  If a student needs to be dismissed from school early, the student needs to bring a note in the morning to the attendance desk (located outside the main office.)  The note should include the following: name of student, date, time of dismissal, parent/guardian's name who will be picking up the student and their signature.  The parent/guardian MUST come into the school to pick up the student.  If a note was not turned in during the morning check-in then the parent/guardian must sign out the student on the dismissal sheet.  Any student who returns from a dismissal MUST check back in to the main office. However, the parent/guardian need not come in. 

What is the expected behavior on the bus?  Riding a bus is an extension of the classroom. There is no eating or drinking allowed on the bus.  All students must be seated with hands and feet kept out of the aisles.  Musical instruments must fit under the eat.  Failure to follow these bus policies could jeopardize your child's right to ride the bus. 

Is there a late bus?  Yes, there is one scheduled pickup at approximately 3:00 pm Monday thru Thursday.  Students MUST show their regular bus pass in order to ride the late bus. Students will be allowed on the late bus ONLY if they have a valid pass from the teacher with whom they stated.  

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